The Catalan association for Civil Rights is an entity created by the families of Catalan prisoners and exiled politicians as a platform for joint action, to voice the reprisals and support their families, to channel the solidarity and support samples and to defend the civil rights.


The objective is to denounce the violation of the fundamental rights and civil rights that is being carried out by the Spanish State to those reprisals due to the independence process. The ACDC defends civil rights at the universal level, and also wants to give voice to all people and their families who see their civil rights affected or harmed both in Catalonia and internationally.

The association is currently comprised of 20 families.


One of the main objectives of the ACDC is the defense, promotion and guarantee of civil rights and human rights by promoting the dignity of people as a basis for freedom, equality, solidarity, justice and peace .

Promote the exercise of individual and collective fundamental rights, and the exercise of individual and collective actions committed in the defense of civil rights and democratic legitimacy.

To foster cooperation with people, peoples and countries to raise awareness among citizens of the need for respect for civil rights and human rights.

Help fund for families

The lines with which it has begun to work are: helping families to pay for travel expenses to visit the exiles or prisoners and contributing to child support families in case of need.