Manifesto of mothers and fathers for freedom

Mothers and fathers that are part of the Catalan schools where they have been trained children of people who, because of their political ideas, are deprived of freedom and in exile,


our absolute rejection of the violation of the fundamental rights of these children, rights recognized in the Convention of the Rights of the Children adopted by the UN General Assembly in November 1989, which Spain signed and ratified in 1990, and that they are of obligatory fulfillment.

We are talking about children and adolescents, who have broken the most important link of their lives, the company and the personal love of their parents; to travel thousands of miles to share short periods behind a cold glass; not enjoying a good night kiss or a good day smile; to live without the more intimate complicities and intimate gestures, simply because they are the children of someone who has committed themselves to democracy and freedom.

We are saying, in the end, that we want these children and teens to enjoy what belongs to them, just like their peers do, surrounded by their parents.

No minor in an advanced, democratic society that wants to be fair, must be deprived of being able to develop as a person, far from his mother or his father, for political reasons. Cap.

As mothers and fathers that we commit ourselves to the education and growth of our children, from the centers where we rely on their education,


That these minors fully enjoy their childhood and their rights.

That is why, AMPES and the families that sign this manifesto, we join to convey all our support, warmth and solidarity to all those families with whom we feel so close.

Your children are with us.

For these children and adolescents, for their families and because we want a free, fair and democratic society: prisoners and prisoners, exiled and exiled, we want you home, we want you with your families, we want you to our side.

June 2018



  • L’AVET school, Terrassa
  • School Project, Barcelona
  • Sadako School, Barcelona
  • Green School, Girona
  • Vedruna Escorial School, Vic

Families of:

  • Escola Catalunya, Sant Cugat del Vallès
  • The Immaculate School, Sant Vicenç dels Horts
  • Petit Mamut Nursery School, Sant Vicenç dels Horts
  • Súnion School, Barcelona
  • Escuela Les Escoles, Gurb
  • Arc Iris School, Barcelona